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Online Shopping#1 Coupons is a popular online coupons web site that you can visit on the Internet at www.1-coupons.com. We list online coupons to help you save on virtually everything, such as clothing, computers, books, jewelry, gifts, flowers, sporting goods, travel, furniture and internet services. These online coupons provide discounts on purchases made at the merchant's site. Usually yhese are instant discounts, but we also list sales, mail-in rebates, Internet promotions and other special deals.

The discounts listed on our site are provided by the stores and services themselves, not by us. However, if you don't use the link we offer or the promotion code we provide, you generally will not receive the discount. This means that we are not involved with your order, as you are ordering directly from the merchant as usual. Therefore, we don't have access to any of your order information, so there is no privacy issue and we also cannot provide customer service on your order. Yet you by using the links and promo codes listed on #1 Coupons, you can get special offers and instant discounts.

Discount ShoppingOur site is free to use, with no payment or even registration needed. Most of our discount offers can be accessed just by clicking on our special link and then proceeding to shop on the merchant's site as normal. Other times there is a coupon code, and you simply need to enter this code into the store's online shopping cart to get your discount.

In addition to online coupons, promotional codes and sales notifications, we also include other helpful informations such as shopping tips and gift ideas. Our shopping tips provide suggestions on keeping your online and offline shopping easy, secure, stress-free and full of massive discounts. In our gift ideas section we offer numerous articles with gift ideas for various holidays and events for different types and groups of people. For instance, you can get everything from suggestions on what to get your wife or girlfriend for Valentine's day, to Christmas gift ideas for a dog or cat.

We welcome you to link to us or include us in media coverage. You can contact us if you have questions for us.

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